Founder of the American Christian Defense Alliance, Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland in 2006. The American Christian Defense Alliance, Inc. started as a Martial Arts Ministry to help disciple those in the Christian faith as well as reach out to those who would never enter a Church building. It has since evolved to include a Homeschool Umbrella, Publishing Ministry, and Survival & Preparedness Ministry to name a few. The American Christian Defense Alliance, Inc. continues to seek out creative ways to share the love of God with those in our communities one person at a time. Mr. Fleischmann has a background dealing with vulnerable populations such as at risk youth, those with developmental disabilities, and those in foster care. Mr. Fleischmann dropped out of high school after 10th grade but later went back to receive his GED after becoming a Christian. Shortly there after he enrolled in a local community college. Mr. Fleischmann entered into Phi Thata Kappa in his first semester and later went on to receive an Associates of Applied Science in Criminal Justice and an Associates of Arts in General Studies. An interesting fact about Mr. Fleischmann is that while at the community college he worked as a Tutor, Schedule Builder, and Peer Advisor. Mr. Fleischmann specially while Tutoring was ESOL or Conversational English for those not native to the country. After completing his studies at the community college Mr. Fleischmann enrolled in the University of Baltimore where he initially was seeking a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice. However, Mr. Fleischmann later switched his major to Interdisciplinary Studies in which he also incorporated Sociology and Psychology with his Criminal Justice Courses. This diverse background enables Mr. Fleischmann to serve those around him to the fullest degree. Mr. Fleischmann has a saying, "It's not where you start, but where you end up that really matters"